PULL, STORE, SIT & PLAY the Cargo seat way.


As more and more travellers organise their own holidays online and via budget airlines, the need for convenient, low-cost car hire has boomed. And as every family that has ever tried to travel with small children knows, so have the charges for ‘extras’ such as child seats. With the cost of a single car seat hire often amounting to 15% of the cost of the hire fee, this is an ‘extra’ that can really bump up the cost of a family holiday.

Add to that the fact that in some parts of the world, the seats aren’t the newest and often fail to offer comfort to parents and one has a situation where many consumers are paying far too much, frequently and repeatedly. Basic booster seats cost between £8 and £20 in UK retail outlets at present.

With hire charges regularly being £5 a day or more, it is clear that there is a fundamental inefficiency in the market that is profiting the hire companies as families find it too difficult to carry one or two (or more) boosters.

The Cargo Seat solution

Masquerading as a carry-on size child travel suitcase, arriving at the hire car the retractable arms rise from the body of the case which is transformed into a secure booster seat.

  • CChild’s car booster seat, built for safety.
  • AAbundant suitcase storage for child’s clothes and belongings.
  • RRugged molded plastic and modern design.
  • GGreat for parents -- one item that accomplishes two purposes.
  • OOriginal and innovative two-in-one convertible child’s car seat and rolling suitcase.

The Cargo Seat solution

By offering a booster seat that goes beyond the normal limitations, is transportable and has additional uses, we believe that it can deliver a premium product into the market through direct and eventually established distribution channels and over time, build brand identity and recognition that will allow it to develop a range of offerings in the child products sector.

The Yellow push button on the wheel allows arm rests to fold down from seat function for push/pull mode.

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The Cargo Seat solution

A revolutionary way for kids to cart their toys and travel in comfort, safety The 2-in-1 kids booster seat that transforms into a travel suitcase for children on the move. and style.

Cargo Seat is manufactured in purple, green and yellow engineered resin each with 12 litres of capacity.